SAFSET Investment

SAFSET Investments has been part of the Group's strategy since 1990, the initial investments were all under taken in-house to diversify its portfolios with a concentration in the equity segment. In the mid 1990's the group ventured into collecting art and this segment was thus added to its overall portfolios in early 2000. With a team of professionals and experts the group was providing advice to clients and building portfolios for them. An early mover advantage in the art segment was responsible for outstanding returns to all investors as well as the group.

In 2009, the group diversified their investments into commodities trading with a focus on gold and silver. Currently the group is expanding its knowledge and expertise in alternate asset classes and has created an advisory service arm for select investors with a focus in the art and property segments. Taking it forward the group plans to manage funds for its clients and investors in various alternative asset classes.
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