SAFSET was founded in 1964 by the late Shri P.K. Sethi. SAFSET began its journey as a logistics management organization - "SAFSET Forwarders", assisting several firms across India with their international trade requirements. The Group has diversified into services, retail and investments over the years since then. Over the last decade, it has grown through strategic market entries and partnerships capturing new markets.

The group launched "Giftex", India's biggest Gift trade fair in 1988. The fair is over 25 years and continues to be an important part of the industry.

SAFSET Investments has been part of the group strategy since the 1990’s. The initial investments were all under taken in-house to invest and diversify the group portfolio with a concentration in equity. In 1990’s the family ventured into art and thereafter, in early 2000, art was added to the group's investment portfolio. With a team of experts the art organisation of the safest group was providing advice to its clients and building portfolios in this segment for them. The art segment was credited with high returns for its investors as well as the group. In 2006 the SAFSET Group launched "Institute of Contemporary Indian Art (ICIA)", Mumbai's biggest, private grass root venue for art. The following year the group launched "AstaGuru Auction House" , today it is one of the leading organisations in this sector. In 2009, the group diversified their investments in to commodities such as gold and silver. Currently the group is expanding its knowledge in alternate asset classes and has created an advisor service for select investors in art and property.

Alongside its ambitious business pursuits, SAFSET has been committed to its social responsibility. The Group supports education ventures for the underprivileged. It has contributed towards community outreach initiatives with a focus on education and healthcare. It has also helped raise fund to support several individual communities through its associations
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