The SAFSET Management Board comprises highly qualified professionals with significant expertise in various markets and are thought leaders.


SAFSET's business ethics promote higher levels of excellence. The group's values of Customer Sovereignty, People Orientation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Transparency & Integrity, Passion for Superior Performance, Anticipation, Speed and Flexibility propel it to perform and excel in all spheres of activity.

We believe in good corporate values. We believe in performance. Human potential has no limits and we aim to enable people to reach their potential. That's why we produce products and render services that are among the best in the world.

We are passionate about our customers and their aspirations and we soar high when we see smiles at our stakeholders' faces. We are open to new ideas, and we respect the old wisdom. We thrive on trust -of people associated with us, and of our won spirit of facing challenges without flinching. We believe in transparency and honesty.

It's always our ethics that leads our pursuits. We don't believe in short-term gains. We staunchly stick to our values of hard-work, vision-oriented approach and social welfare. We encourage honesty and truth in our organization. There is an underlying code of conduct and all our employees and Directors stick to it. Accountability and responsibility are the traits of our fundamental enterprise.


At SAFSET quality determines success. Continuous process improvements are carried out to ensure complete satisfaction of customer and market requirements.

Beyond Business

The SAFSET group believes that the role of a corporate house extends beyond the narrow margins of the balance sheet. It is this understanding that sees the group promote art and culture.

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